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Built on decades of experience in Loyalty Management, DEFACTO Loyalty Engine is an end-to-end Loyalty Platform or a standalone rule and rewards engine, that integrates into any kind of ecosystem. 

It empowers you to create innovative and engaging loyalty programs to ultimately drive the customer life time value as well as speed up time to market. Through its scalability transactions and interactions can be rewarded in real time at any level.

Manage different kinds of loyalty Programs to flexibly reward your customers.

DEFACTO Loyalty Engine
DEFACTO Loyalty Engine Features

Loyalty programs

Build loyalty programs, true to your brands identity. DEFACTO Loyalty Engine supports Loyalty Schemas like Status/Tier based where Customers receive points for every transaction and interaction. Earn & Burn where Customers receive points for every transaction and interaction and use these points as direct discount. Voucher based where Customers can convert their points to bonus-cheques or offers.

EARN Rules

Manage your bonus rules in various ways through intuitive user interface to create a truly engaging loyalty program. Award bonus points for transactions and interactions in real time. The flexible data model lets you build rules on all kinds of data as well as mix and match triggers and outcome. The seamless integration into Salesforce allows you to pick up any kind of CRM related data and use it in rules.

BURN Rewards

Super flexible multichannel rewards with or without a points based program. Use offers that grant additional service, % discount, free services or money value. Use them as an outcome to your bonus rules and base them on interaction with your brand or a transaction. Fully integrated and equipped with all necessary customer service functions around rewards management.

CRM & 360 Customer view

Get a full 360 degree view and manage all loyalty related services in one place. Powered by Salesforce 360 Platform. Flexibly build up a customer profile and use the data to empower your customer service. Connect your webshop or stores to the CRM in order to display the customers information.

Business Processes

Configurable Business rules to cover your companies specific needs and to ultimately reduce time of implementation. Because all the complex processes are already part of our solution: Multicurrency Management, Returns or Cancelling of transactions. Let’s you focus on what is really important: your clients.

Loyalty Analytics

A cloud based database allows to store all loyalty related data in one place. This allows for fast return processes, multicurrency manage-ment and a centralised storage of all transaction, points booking or reward data.   Direct returns will be managed Have all your Loyalty Customer data in one place and use it Don’t worry about the hosting Connect all your other data consuming systems to pull data or analyse it  

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Out of the box Functionality
Built on experience of over 150 implemented loyalty programs.
Connectivity and Integration
Connect cash registers, Apps or the Online Shop in real time with flexible REST API
All Loyalty Data is stored and made available in your own database for querying or further use.
The DEFACTO Loyalty Engine scales to cater your real time needs, for Retail, FMCG and other industries
360° customer view
Have a holistic view of your customers transactions, interactions and cases in Salesforce CRM

Frequently asked questions

No, our app is platform agnostic. This means that we are able to install the app on every CRM platform you prefer. For more details please contact us.

Yes, we do have a technical documentation of our API Endpoints and a business documentation on how to install the app.

Yes of course. Please feel free to contact us. We will provide you a trial-version and give you a quick demo how to use it.

No, we´re not a BI-Tool but our solution comes with a powerful, fast and scalable analytical Datawarehouse, where you can access all the loyalty Data. We did that because most of our clients already have a BI-Tool and API Limits are always an issue. We managed to create an infrastructure that covers you in any case.

Since we have a long history in Loyalty Management and CRM with over 150 implemented loyalty programs, we do have a lot of loyalty use cases and best practices. Reach out to us and find out how we can help you improve your loyalty management. 

Yes, the successful implementation and management of a Loyalty program has never been easier. With the rules feature you can set up events, once completed will award your customers loyalty points that can automatically be used for a voucher or a free bonus upon next purchase. Get creative within minutes. Easily change and implement rules to activate and engage your customers. See for yourself:

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Choose the perfect plan

DEFACTO Loyalty Engine has a flexibel Licence Model to fit your Business & Loyalty Requirements.


Bonus Rule Management
Rewards Management
Status / Tier Management
360 Customer View
Customer Service Functionality
Identifier Management

< 20.000 End-Customer
1 Channel
API Calls (< 5.000 Transactions/day)

starting from

3.500 €

Per month



Analytical Database
Wallet Integration

< 50.000 End-Customer
1 Channel
API Calls (< 30.000 Transactions/day)

starting from

5.800 €

Per month


Our Solution Engineers and Developers are happy to customize our Software along your needs, use cases and infrastructure. 

If you do not have an existing CRM like Salesforce, we’re happy to introduce our new DEFACTO Loyalty Platform to you.

Looking forward on bringing your Loyalty Program to the next level.

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Ready to see some real world examples?

We are currently using this application to enhance customer experiences via our own channels. This tool is a great way for this approach. All contact persons of the DEFACTO Loyalty Engine are very solution-oriented, friendly and we are happy about the great project.

Hadrian Bromma, CRM Director Kneipp GmbH


If you need more information on our product, related loyalty topics or want to see a demo of our solution, feel free to contact us!

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DEFACTO Loyalty Engine